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June/July Fashion wish list


the Balm cosmetics Mont Balm Photos and Swatches

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing photos and swatches of the Mont Balm eyeshadow palette.
I picked up this palette on Hautelook, but have also spotted it at my local Kohls.

I have yet to actually test this palette out, but I have high hopes - it did swatch nicely. Have you tried this palette out? What are your thought!?

Charmed arm addiction

Currently obsessed with charmed bracelets! They are such an easy way to dress up any outfit, and a great way to personalize your look. For example my husband purchased these Alex and Ani bracelets (anniversary gift) representing my two boys initials So obsessed!!!

Local craft stores now carry bracelets, which you can customize by adding your own charms to them.
Take a look! 

Anyone else obsessed!? What are you favorite accessories at the moment!?